Example of exemplification essay

The audience for an exemplification essay, like most argumentative essays, is those people who disagree with the author's thesis. For example, if the author's thesis is" Most people are robbed because of inadequate home security, " the audience would be those people who disagree with this statement. An exemplification essay is a type of argumentative essay that provides specific examples to prove a point. If you're writing a thesis paper on the negative effects of global warming, it's not Exemplification Essay: ThreeStrikes Law is a Mindless Response to Crime In 1983, a young man named Michael was brought before a Pennsylvania court on a charge of armed robbery: he stole 50 from a taxi driver using a toy gun.

Overall, this is a passing essay in terms of structure and development. It clearly meets the objectives stated in the essay assignment. It is unified, coherent; it uses concrete examples, and it does not center on the writer herself. An exemplification essay is like a more involved version of an argumentative essay. Youre trying to prove a point, but you must use very specific examples.

Facts and numbers will get you far, yes. How to Write an Exemplification Essay (Writing Guide) List of topics; Outline example; The main goal of essay writing is to simply share an idea by presenting it in an understandable and digestible way. To write your essay, you must first choose an interesting topic to share with your readers. Example of Exemplification Essay Capitalism Essay example but also benefits the consumers, fully utilize the scarce resources in the country to the most productive and efficient manner and even keep the economy running.

Writing an exemplification essay involves many examples for supporting the generalization of your support. These examples should explain, prove, or make argument to your point. Only enough details and examples need to be used to get the point across, help to enhance your writing and providing a Example of Exemplification Essay Example essay 439 Words Example essay: pros and cons of gay marriage Gay marriage is a controversial issue that attracts numerous reactions from those advocating and those opposing the vise.

The issue regarding whether lesbian and gay marriages attracts heated debate. Essay about life and friendship Exemplification Essay Introduction. In my exemplification essay, I intend to show examples of friendship and how they may occur in reallife situations. I shall take examples from the experiences of other Example of exemplification essay in my college. Example 2 acting in the best interest of the other person.

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