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Technology Many businesses hire employees for jobs that combine business and technological skills. Even if your job is not specifically in information technology (IT), it is almost always beneficial to have some technology skills included on your resume. You only have 5 or 10 seconds to make your first impression, so be sure your relevant experience is prominent on the first page of your resume (ideally on So the answer to the question" how many pages should a resume be" is: as many pages as necessary.

As many as are required to sell you as a professional. You probably should stick to 12 pages 3 pages on occasion, but never more than that. Many struggle with the question of how many pages should be in a resume. After surveying career experts, we found two scenarios that can help you determine the right length.

Length is primarily an issue that pertains to the print version of your resume, or when you are emailing your resume as an attachment. The onepage resume vs. the twopage resume When it comes to writing your resume, size does matter.

Resume experts weigh in on how many pages your resume should be, based on your level of experience and occupation. How Many Pages Should A Resume Be? Jul 10, 2016 Resume CV Blog We can guide you through the process of adding meaningful information to your document without adding bloat or excess pages. We will fashion a CV or resum that will convey to any gatekeeper the exact quality of your work and character.

How To Write An Amazing In most cases, a professional resume or CV should not exceed 1 page in length. However, depending on the particular job you are applying for, it may be appropriate for the number of pages to For them, Mr. Ferrell recommends a wellwritten two or threepage resume since theyre expected to have many achievements worth citing. I dont have any problem with three pages for executives, he says.

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