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Learn to talk less, say more. When you use your words, use them because they will brighten someones day and because they will teach people something valuable. Dont just use words for the sake of using them. Talk Less Work More Essay. Jasmine Diaz ENG 120D Prof. Boylan Final Draft Less Talk, More Work Have you ever thought that there is a greater need to work constantly on a daily basis than to catch up on your social life with family and friends?

Work addiction is a growing problem today. Most workaholics seem to put work, a Not only do pressures from the family increase this drive, but the work addict himself plays a factor as well. A workaholic is able to enjoy and love a job if he is fairly good at it. His selfesteem increases with the thought of being good at something.

Montesquieu truly said that the less men think, the more they talk. India is a land of myriad tongues. The 1961 census listed 1652 languages; mother tongues spoken in India, and the 1971 census, retaining 1 number, presented a somewhat more realistic picture. Judged by; standard, India is a babel of tongues, perhaps the largest in the " Those who can do something, do it, those who cannot, simply talk about it.

" Much in the spirit of Goethe's dictum 'life is action, not contemplation Late Jawaharlal Nehru coined the slogan 'Aaram Haram Hal' because he knew the typical Indian's penchant for inactivity, or worse, substituting 'talk' in place of 'work For instance, in math class, girls do not seem to talk less than boys. The teacher preferred to ask girls some calculating questions, as he believed that girls are quicker and more carefully at calculating than boys. Dont assume you have to do everything yourself.

Just explaining your idea to potential collaborators will help clarify it and asking for assistance invites others to build on your idea. The good news is that its getting easier for ordinary folks to make stuff.

The vast majority of my time in school was spent listening to lectures, taking exams, writing essays, and so on. On rare occasions, wed roll up our sleeves and make stuff.

Those few instances when talking gave way to making made a big impression on me. Getting up from the couch and do a short team jog, watching the sunset together, silently, playing a game, or having a meal.

All these are actions that, apart from the main benefit of enjoying life, have also a secondary, very important outcome: they help you understand other people better. Create A Better Reality. When you speak less, you do If you do want to talk about a person who is important to your life, dwell on the ways you've been impacted by them, and how you will incorporate this impact into your future.

Documenting how well other people do things, say things, are active, while you remain passive and inactive in the essay.

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