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Oct 15, 2007  Short Tip: Get UUID of Hard Disks [Update There is an update to this post available: UUIDs and Linux: Everything you ever need to know. The Universally Unique Identifier can be used to identify a device Moving to GRUB2 my Arch Linux no longer resumes from hibernation, because the actual resuming is no longer set up.

In GRUB legacy I'd write: bootgrubmenu. lst: kernel vmlinuz26 rootdevdiskby A larger blocksize should help with speeds even for a slow device like devurandom. If you are looking for faster alternatives, you could cryptsetup plainOpen with a random key and zero that, it should beat devurandom by an order of magnitude (without AESNI) or even run at full speed (with AESNI). Feb 17, 2017  Using device assignments (like devhd# or devsd# ) is not preferred since these can change between system boots: all filesystems should be specified by UUID or LABEL for each partition.

all physical devices should be specified by a symlink, like devcdrom for a cd drive and devdiskbyid for each physical A while back, I set up hibernation on my Linux system. It's been working really well, up until tonight when I installed another hard disk, which shuffled the device node names around.

So now on boo Aug 27, 2012 Re: GRUB2: resume from disk and" updategrub" I have never used resume grub. All custom modifications can be made in etcgrub. d40custom There is a slight syntax difference that can be found on the grub2 archwiki. Modifying Linux Boot Files Using devdiskbyid When Restoring To a Different System or Physical Drive Previously, hibernate works just fine but for some reason it doesn't work now.

I can't recall if I ever made any changes except like a normal update through apt update. I have check numerous posts This sucks. On some very rare occasions, when I connect an SD card reader to my Ubuntu machine, it freezes.

Normally I just reboot and everything is fine. FAT, exFAT and NTFS filesystems do not support UUID, but are still listed in devdiskbyuuid with a shorter UID (unique identifier): ls l devdiskbyuuid

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