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The invention of the refrigerator The conveniences we enjoy in our homes are the product of many machines we use every day to make our lives easier. We will write a custom essay sample on The Invention of the Refrigerator Essay on The Importance of the Invention of the Footnote The Importance of the Invention of the Footnote Introduction The study of history has and will always be an everlasting continuum. Throughout time, from Alexander the Great to Adolf Hitler, the study of history and why we undertake it has changed.

The refrigerator has also been an economical product. People are able to purchase food in bulk amounts, without the worry that something will spoil. The refrigerator is a great invention that many people could not live without, and we should all show appreciation to Jacob Perkins, the inventor of the first practical refrigerating machine. The first refrigerator was designed by Oliver Evans, an American inventor in 1748. But the first practical refrigerator was built in 1834 by Jacob Perkins.

This refrigerator used vapor in a vapor compression cycle. John Gorrie an American physician built a refrigerator in 1844 based on Evans design. The Invention of the Refrigerator Essay INTRODUCTION Hello!

Today I am going to talk you about the invention of the refrigerator. I chose this topic because I think we all can't imagine our lives without food, so we also can't imagine our lives without the refrigerator. I'm going to present you this topic with the help of power point and I The refrigerator is such an important component of modern life that it is hard to imagine what the world was like without it. Before mechanical refrigeration systems were introduced, people had to cool their food using ice and Invention of refrigerator essay contest, either found locally or brought down from the mountains.

The first The first artificial refrigerator was invented by renowned Scottish physician William Cullen in 1755. After the cumbersome device produced a small amount of ice through delicate, manual labor, refrigeration technology was deemed impractical and was not further advanced for decades. The world had to The invention of the printing press was an invention that had a dramatic effect on life during the middle ages.

The printing press to most people was first started in Europe but actually the invention first occurred in Asia. One million refrigerators were produced by 1929. In 1947, GE was the first company to introduce the twodoor refrigeratorfreezer combination. By 2005, 99. 5 percent of homes had refrigerators. The refrigerator has changed the world in many ways.

Earlier this year, the Royal Society set out to decide what the most important invention in the history of food was. The committee started with a list of 100 things and whittled it

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