How to write mandarin characters on mac

The Chinese language offers a special challenge, because this characterbased language cannot be directly typed on a physical keyboard. To work around the thousands of Chinese characters, or hanzi, you must type the phonetic" pinyin" spelling and then select the matching hanzi from the list of suggestions.

Two Methods: Setting Up Pinyin on Your Mac Using Pinyin on Your Mac Community Q& A Pinyin is a romanization of East Asian languages, like Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, and others. In other words, it phonetically spells out these languages in the Roman alphabet to aid in pronunciation for students of the language.

This post covers how to type Chinese Pinyin with tone marks on Mac OS X. For example, how to type hny pnyn instead of han4yu3 pin1yin1. I also cover typing actual Chinese characters with pinyin separately for iPhone iOS, Mac OS X (Yosemite), and the author of Pin Pin Chinese, has been studying Mandarin Chinese for over 5 Feb 03, 2014 From This is just an instructional on how to use Pinyin to type, and where to access the setting. So youve set up your Mac to let you input Chinese characters.

But what if you wanted to write Chinese using the Latin alphabet, i. e. pinyin? Since writing pinyin correctly requires the appropriate tone marks for flat, rising, fallingrising, and falling sounds ( ), we need to configure your Mac to support them. How to Type Chinese with Pinyin (Mac OS X Yosemite) This guide will get you set up to type Chinese characters using pinyin, Steven Belous, the author of Pin Pin Chinese, has been studying Mandarin Chinese for over 5 years.

He is a dedicated student who loves the language and culture. How to type Chinese using Pinyin. Select your operating system for a guide on how to enable Chinese text input. Windows 7; Windows 8; Mac OSX Mountain Lion, Mavericks

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