Books our friends essay

Book is the best friend, a human being can have. Book is a friend that is never disloyal. Books are our friends for life as because they never reject, never go or come, never fight and never blame us. Books make our life easy to lead as they inform us about various ways of leading life.

Books are informative as well as instructive. Therefore, you must come out of the world of books from time to time and live in the company of man and nature.

The life of man and the life of Nature must be mixed up Essay On Books Are Our Best Friends When you read a book, its feels great to put yourself into a world the writer has created for you. The habit of reading good content daily will act as an exercise for your mind and keep you mentally fit and flexible. Good Books enriches our mind with good thoughts and knowledge just like a good friend.

We cannot feel alone in the company of books. We can learn many good things while reading a good book. The friendship of good books is the medicine of life but there are books more dangerous than snakes and more poisonous than scorpions. The really good books sharpen our intellect, broaden our mind, enrich our experience, widen our knowledge, uplift our morals, making us better, nobler and happier in life. Good books are the lifeblood of a nation.

Books Are Our Best Friends Essay, Speech, Article, Paragraph. Feeling Alone? Betrayed by friends? So get in a friendship with books, theyll never leave you, theyll never betray you, instead will always add up something to your knowledge and will make you a successful person. The company of books gives the pleasure of company of man and nature too.

Books are great blessings. They are useful to us many ways. They are our best friends. When we are in trouble, books stand by us and give us the right advice.

Books console us in our sorrows. Books bring enlightenment among the people and make them fond of Can Books Be Called Our Best Friends? Books have been used as the major means of storing information for centuries now and, although nowadays they gradually give way to digital data carriers, they still remain our best friends for the reason that they may be outdated as physical objects, but not as a concept.

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Book is Our Friend. Since the beginning of time, books have existed. Information was written on stone tablets, and manuscripts could become the basis upon which the

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