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By: Rob Thomas Rats Saw God Setting Houston Characters Steve York, a National Merit finalist, is also a habitual pot smoker.

He is failing senior English and is always getting in trouble with his teachers. His guidance counselor, Mr. DeMouy, gives him a way to avoid summer school by writing one Rob Thomas did a great job on Rats Saw God. Steve York, a straight A student at Houston, at first is doing really good. He has lots of In conclusion, Rats Saw God by Rob Thomas is a terrific novel about a teen Steven York struggling with heartbreak, family problems and drug use. After writing a 100 page English essay for his counselor Jeff DeMouy, he learns to deal with the heartbreak he feels after his exgirlfriend Dub sleeps with a teacher Mr.

Waters. Rats Saw God is the story of a high school senior who is failing his classes and in order to graduate he must write a hundred page essay on any topic, so he chooses to write about his own experiences including the divorce of his parents and his relationship with his first girlfriend, Dub (short for Wanda).

Rats Saw God Summary Rats Saw God tells the story of Steve York, a National Merit finalist who is also a habitual dope smoker (" stoner" ). He is failing senior English and has a rash of runins with school authorities. rats saw god essay opinion essay After reading the novel Rats Saw God in class, we will be writing a 5 paragraph (500 word) opinion essay.

Since this is your opinion, you may use personal pronouns (" I" ) but please no contractions (ex. Buy a cheap copy of Rats Saw God book by Rob Thomas. In order to pass English class and graduate, 18yearold Steve York has to write a 100 page essay about his life. What sounds like a runofthemill writing Free shipping over 10.

Rats Saw God takes place between two sort of realties current time in San Francisco where Steve York is writing novellength essay for his guidance councilor who in turn will waive an english credit he is missing for Graduation. Steve is Rats Saw God tells the story of high schooler Steve York, a National Merit finalist turn stoner.

Still missing an english credit that he needs to graduate Steve is given the option by his counselor, Mr. DeMouy, to write a hundred page essay, on whatever he wants, rather than attending summer school. Rats Saw God is a young adult novel written by Rob Thomas, published in 1996.

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