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Our experienced probation revocation attorneys in Milwaukee, WI fight the alleged violations and help you stay on probation or supervision and keep your freedom. We work with the administrative law judges in revocation cases on a regular basis and we know the ALJ's policies for revocation hearings. An action in Municipal Court for violation of a Municipal ordinance, or violation of a resolution or bylaw, if the resolution or bylaw is authorized by statute, is a civil action, and the forfeiture or penalty imposed by an ordinance in the City of Milwaukee may be collected in an action in the name of the municipality.

The Milwaukee County Clerk of Circuit Court Criminal Division is responsible for felony, misdemeanor and traffic cases resulting from violations of State Law or Milwaukee County ordinances, as well as jury trial and municipal appeal requests from the 19 municipal courts located throughout Milwaukee County.

Chief Judge Maxine Aldridge White was appointed by the Wisconsin Supreme Court in March 2015 to serve as chief judge of the states First Judicial District, which is comprised of Milwaukee County, effective August 1, 2015.

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City Judge Preside over and adjudicate nonmoving criminal misdemeanors, criminal major and minor traffic violation cases, and civil minor traffic violation cases. Preside over arraignments, pretrial disposition conferences, calendar calls, probation violation hearings, jury, and nonjury trials. Milwaukee police are issuing half the number of traffic tickets they did two years ago, according to municipal court records, a drop that coincides with an overall decline in municipal court activity.

Milwaukee Municipal Court Judge Derek Mosley, 45, was diagnosed with renal failure two years ago. One of the first people he told was And he has supported the courts unwillingness to adopt recusal rules, in violation of recommendations by the U. S. Supreme Court, and has thereby supported court members ruling on cases home about the courts circuit courts judges Circuit courts Judges.

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