Effects of 911 essay outline

The effects of terrorist attacks on 911 have been devastating to the city of Mclean, Virginia. It has opened the eyes of billions of people and made them realize that the world they live in is not so peaceful anymore. The attacks have pierced the nation's security and have dramatically changed There are many theories to why these attacks happened, the most reasonable being US foreign policies in the middle east, in particular its support of Israel, 911, is a response to foreign occupation, and the most controversial the CIA.

The effects of the 911 World Trade Center attacks still remain today, even with the resurrection of the 911 Memorial at Ground Zero, opened exactly ten The effects of the event were not only social and political, but they were also psychological, mental and health related.

In addition there has been an economic impact also. This paper will look at the various impacts of the 911 attacks. Cause and Effect Essay: The cause and effect of the Post 911 War Write out the cause(s) and the effects of the War that started after the September 11, 2001 attacks. 911: The After Effects on Canada. Mr. Pasquantonio June, 4th, 2012 911: The Aftereffect on Canada The events of September 11, 2001 (911) are remembered throughout the world. On this unforgettable day, three aircrafts crashed at different locations throughout the United States.

Effects of 911. Essay by jaybrog, November 2004. download word file, 4 pages, 5. 0. Downloaded 231 times. Keywords Target, George W. Bush, World Trade Center, Bush, The Pentagon. 0 Like 0 Tweet. Effects of September 11th 2001.

The September 11th attacks involved the hijacking of four commercial planes with full tanks of jet fuel, The main person behind this attack was Osama Bin Laden. It took place in New York City as two planes attacked the World Trade Center. Three airplanes were hijacked by terrorist to attack the two World Trade Centers in New York City and the Pentagon in Washington, DC (911 effects in the USA).

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