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Work ExperiencesLed 14 Geats to Denmark to defend HerotHeld breath for 12 hours to defeat a great monsterDefeated 2 vicious greatly feared Do you really want to delete this prezi? Neither you, nor the coeditors you shared it with will be able to recover it again. Delete Cancel In many ways, Beowulf already gives his resume when he first speaks to Hrothgar. Moreover, he's very good at it, demonstrating several important tips for effective resume writing.

Moreover, he's very good at it, demonstrating several important tips for 3. Beowulf had been granted new glory. Mcdougal Littell Literature. Lines: So Beowulf chose the mightiest men he could find. He knew the sea. 2. and led them Name: Beowulf, Prince of Geats Origin: Swedish ObjectiveGoal: To rid the world of evil& gain due fame as the perfect Beowulf resume example while protecting the people of my kingdom& others.

Beowulf: Comparing Beowulf and Wiglaf 1213 Words 5 Pages In the literary work of Beowulf, it is imperative to analyze the relationships between characters and how those relationships function to create new meaning or a better understanding of English 12: British Literature and Composition Beowulf rsum and persuasive letter project As an epic hero, Beowulf travels across the seas to save a foreign nation in trouble.

Your task is to resurrect Beowulf as a hero for todays world. Resume is missing 1 or more categories of information. less than 4 qualifications Resume must reflect what position Beowulf is applying for. Cover Letter is missing three or more of the elements listed on rubric. This lesson introduces students to the importance of boasting in Beowulf by. Having students find what Beowulf and a contemporary pop song have in common; Having students practice presenting boasts from Beowulf; Assigning students the task of composing and presenting a boast; Showing students a sample boast composed by Matthew Daniel In applying for this position I will be utilizing Knowledge I acquired in my many years as a Geatland warrior and also as a monster slayer.

I have traveled across land and sea searching for gold and glory.

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