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Empowering teachers to make the decisions necessary to create a multicultural classroom environment is not necessarily going to improve education.

While standardization of the curriculum may dull the multicultural experience, a high degree of cultural homogeneity in the teaching profession can also reduce the learning Multicultural education in the United States of America focuses on teaching students the skills needed in order to gain knowledge and function effectively in different cultural settings. Another way that multicultural education could address cultural difference in an educational setting is by celebrating the positive traits of each culture.

Essay about Multiculturalism in Education 1255 Words 6 Pages Multiculturalism is not just a concept, it is an important term for teachers to Essay about Multiculturalism in Education Multiculturalism is not just a concept, it is an important term for teachers to integrate into their daily classroom instruction. Nowhere is the need for the inclusion of a culturally diverse education more evident than in our state.

Essay about Multicultural Education. Multicultural Education Getting Rid of the Stereotypes, and Teaching in a Multicultural Perspective Overview: It is rare that any twoclassroom teachers will have the same definition for multicultural education. New York City Multicultural Education Multicultural education MultiCultural Education in New York City Aspirations to be an educator, a teacher in the diversity of the New York City Schools must realize that considerations are schoolwide focused on setting out and maintaining as well as assessing effective applications in the administering, educating Multicultural education researchers and educators agree that preservice teachers' attitudes, beliefs, and understandings are important: foci in multicultural education coursework (CochranSmith, 1995; Grant& Secada, 1990; Multicultural Education Review 'Like' if you support refugees: preservice teachers' sensemaking of contested issues in a digitally mediated multicultural education course The advent of Web 2.

0 and social media have changed how individuals act and react in mediated spaces. The History of Multicultural Education Essay Summary Multicultural Education in the United States made its debut beginning with the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s.

Its intent was to become part of the cultural mainstream. Multicultural education programs could be put into three categories. Contentfocused, student focused, and socially focused. Contentfocused is known to be the most common type of multicultural educational.

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