Essay on maintenance of ecological balance

Ecological balance is a term describing how ecosystems are organized in a state of stability where species coexist with other species and with their environment. Ecosystems are not without change, however.

Ecological Balance Essay: The emergence of life on Earth and its maintenance is the result of converting a small part of the solar energy in other forms.

What are the processes that ensure this converting? The main group of organisms on the Earth can be considered phototrophic, i. e.bacteria and plants able to photosynthesize. Uncertain and Changing seasons, increasing global temperature (Global Warming), Increasing water level of sea, ozone layer problem, melting down of south and North Pole, increasing level of carbon emission in the air and many such alarming and demanding situations are the outcomes of deteriorated ecological balance.

6. Ecological Balance: Biodiversity of species enhance ecological balance. Disappearance of any link in a food chain may upset natures balance and create problems. For example, large scale killing of snakes will increase population of rats and hence large scale destruction of crops.

A perfect ecological balance cannot be expected in the wake of growing industrialisation as owing to this, pollution of environment becomes inevitable. The environment has carrying capacity, or the amount of pollution or damage an environment can sustain without further degradation.

Ecological Balance The importance of maintaining the ecological essay ecological balance balance and conservation of oxford essays book the resources has been.

Graduate school essays show a. ecological. adj problem, balance The importance of maintaining the ecological balance and conservation of the resources.

Ecological Imbalance Essay The advancements in technology, as well as the development and expansion of the modern industry all around the globe, have created an ecological imbalance which urgently needs an attention of researchers. decreasing of the natural sand and the boosting of the nation on the ecological balance, our national sand making industry is in one rapid development, whose support 332

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