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T h e C a s e A g a in s t H o m e w o rk: A F a ct S h e e t W H A T T H E R E S E A R C H S A Y S c A ccord in g to a 2001 review of m ore th an 120 stu d ies of h om ew ork an d its effects by P rofessor H arris C oop er Homework vs. No Homework Is the Wrong Question.

Does your school have a homework policy? How does your school ensure that teachers don't overload students with busy work? By Maurice J. Elias. March 17, 2015. Get the best of Edutopia in your inbox each week. Email. Homework or No Homework TO GIVE OR NOT TO GIVE HOMEWORKThat is the question! The amount of homework students are Cooper and colleagues' (2006) comparison of homework with no homework indicates that the average student in a class in which appropriate homework was assigned would score 23 percentile points higher on tests of the knowledge addressed in that class than the average student in a class in which homework was not assigned.

Homework or Not? That is the (Research) Question. Weighing the conflicting evidence. Alison DeNisco. also found a positive link. Of 35 studies that simply correlated homework and achievement, with no attempt to control for student differences, about 77 percent also found a positive link between time on homework and achievement. Homework is all pain and no gain, says author Alfie Kohn. In his book The Homework Myth, Kohn points out that no study has ever found a correlation between homework and academic achievement in elementary school, and there is little reason to believe that homework is necessary in high school.

As kids return to school, debate is heating up once again over how they should spend their time after they leave the classroom for the day. The nohomework policy of a secondgrade teacher in The Results of Homework Versus NoHomework Research Studies. Friesen, Charles D. This report summarizes the results of 24 research studies on the correlation of homework and no homework and academic achievement.

The studies were conducted over the years from 1923 to 1976 in elementary and secondary schools. The results of the What research says about the value of homework: Research review.

History of the homework debate. he concluded that homeworkcompared to no homeworkhad a statistically positive impact on student achievement, Foyle did not find a significant difference in achievement between practice and preparation homework.

A Stanford researcher found that too much homework can negatively affect kids, especially their lives away from school, where family, friends and activities matter.

The researchers used survey

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