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The Zimmerman Telegram By Barbara Tuchman. 1) the book ISBN# is this is what the book review needs to be on 2) a critical analysis of the book In your review, consider: Who is the author?

In 1917, the German Empire sent a diplomatic proposal to Mexico called the Zimmerman Telegram or the Zimmerman Note. The Zimmerman telegram proposed to Mexico that if the United States entered World War I for the Entente powers that Mexico should become allies with the Central Powers.

ZIMMERMANS TELEGRAM Name: Course: Date: Zimmermans Telegram The First World War kicked off before the field of International relations encountered a paradigm shift that saw it move from the traditional geopolitics to contemporary ecopolitics.

" The Zimmerman Telegram" This 5 page paper discusses Barbara Tuchman's book The Zimmerman Telegram, " a message sent by German Foreign Minister Arthur Zimmerman in 1917 that helped precipitate the American entry into WWI. Arthur Zimmermann, Robert Lansing, Paul Ritter, Heinrich von Eckhardt, von Bernstorff, Woodrow Wilson, Sato, Theobald von Bethmann Hollweg, German, Teuton, Mexico, Japan, and telegram.

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In the summer of 1914 war swept across Europe which turned into a prolonged global struggle. The Zimmermann Telegram on DocsTeach asks students to analyze the telegram to determine if the United States should have entered World War I based on the telegram's information and implications. The World War I page on DocsTeach includes other primary sources and documentbased teaching activities related to WWI. The deciding factor for the U. S. to enter the war is due to one document, the Zimmerman Telegram.

The document was sole proof to many Americans that Germanys intentions were not only causing harm on European soil but bringing it

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