Interest groups in politics today essay

Political scientists, politicians, and scholars alike all agree that interest groups are natural phenomena in a democratic regime. Political interests have played a central role in American politics since James Madison first warned the framers of factionalism. Interest groups, also referred to as: special interests, pressure groups, organized interests, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), political groups, lobby groups and public interest groups, are organized collections of people or organizations whose goal is to influence public policy (511).

In todays politics, interest groups play a large role in the government system. An interest Group is defined as 'an organized body of individuals who try to influence public policy. ' This system is designed so that interest groups would be an instrument of public influence on politics to create changes, but would not threaten the government much.

A political party by definition is a political organization or movement that is set up by people who share the same views and opinions on how they should be governed and therefore set this party up with the goal of attaining and maintaining political power.

Interest Groups and Public Policy Essay. In the United States there are interest groups that form at a national and local level. These interest groups act as the voice of the American public in regards to public policy.

There are three types of interest groups: public, economic, and environmental interest. Special Interest Groups and Political Participation There are many Special Interest Groups involved in the influence of public policy. The view about the influence these Special Interest Groups create is that their attempts are biased to their special interest and the interests of their clients. Essay on The Role of Special Interest Groups in American Politics 1371 Words 6 Pages THE ROLE OF SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS IN AMERICAN POLITICS Like political parties, pressure groups can be considered another system that connects the citizen more directly to government.

Read this Social Issues Essay and over 88, 000 other research documents. Interest Groups Impact on Politics. Interest Group is defined as" an organized body of individuals who try to influence public policy. " This system is

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