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Essay on Present Day Japanese Tea Ceremony Present Day Japanese Tea Ceremony In Japanese culture, there are many traditions that are passed down from generation to generation and done in the same way as their ancestors. One of these traditions is the Japanese Tea Ceremony. The Japanese culture takes pride in Japanese tea ceremony Essays& Books. Yasunoke Fukukita: Tea Cult of Japan.

This essay or book comprises the following content: Editorial Note; Foreword Japanese Tea Ceremony essaysTea was first introduced to Japan along with Buddhism from China in the 6th century, but the Emperor Shomu introduced tea drinking to the country. During the Heian period ( ), tea was made from steamed and dried tea leaves ground into a powder called macha.

In the Japanese Tea Ceremony The Japanese tea ceremony is called Chanoyu, Sado or simply Ocha in Japanese. The tea ceremony is a very special event in Japanese Although the Japanese word for the tea ceremony, chanoyu, literally means hot water for tea, the practice involves much more than its name implies. Chanoyu is a ritualized, secular practice in which tea is consumed in a specialized space with codified procedures.

The act of preparing and Japanese Tea Ceremony Introduction: The tea ceremony is an ancient tradition that shows cultural knowledge, respect and order to other people. Body: The Japanese tea ceremony is also known as Way of tea.

The Japanese tea ceremony is called chanoyu or sado for the Japanese. It is basically a choreographic ritual of preparing and serving bitter tea, called the matcha, together with some sweet victuals to fight off the bitter taste of the tea. Each movement is predefined. The whole process is not History of Tea in Japan and the Japanese Tea Ceremony Essay 3467 Words 14 Pages According to Brown, tea is classified among the most significant nonalcoholic beverage across the globe.

There are various objects needed to conduct a tea ceremony. Most important among them are ceramics: the teacaddy, the tea bowl, the flower vase, the incense burner, the incense container, the water jar, the ladle rest, the rest for the cover of the jar, the ash container, the cake bowl, the plate Unlike most editing& proofreading services, we edit for everything: grammar, spelling, punctuation, idea flow, sentence structure, & more.

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