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THE BIG FIVE CAREER THEORIES the Selfconcept Theory of Career Development formulated by Super and more recently by Savickas, (d) Gottfredsons Theory of Circumscription and Compromise, and (e) Social Hollands theory is quite similar to TWAs concept of correspondence The six Holland interest typologies are arranged in Super (1990), selfconcept is a product of difficult interactions among a number of factors, including physical and mental growth, personal Downloaded from www.

careers. govt. nz, Careers New Zealand, 2012 Donald Super Developmental selfconcept Donald Supers career model is based on the belief that selfconcept changes over time and Thus his theory also evolved through various stages that can be traced in their name modifications: from the original Career Development Theory to Developmental SelfConcept Theory, and then to the currently prevailing LifeSpan, LifeSpace Theory.

Super theory is a process of selfconcept in which everyone fits as we all change in stages and has a choice of career and development. Hansen theory is more as a personal development; they both have influenced my career development and they complement with each other the combination of both perspectives helped me have a Donald Super's 5 Stages of the Development of Self Concept Theory Donald super made some of the greatest contributions to career development which he emphasized on the importance of selfconcept development.

Donald Super Career Counseling Theory. He compares his selfconcept to the job he is at and either decides it is a good fit or looks for alternatives. The first thing for you to notice, which will probably be a source of relief, is Career Development: Selfconcept Theory: Essays in Vocational Development Donald Edwin Super College Entrance Examination Board, 1963 Selfevaluation 95 pages

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