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For related coursework in Film Studies, students may look to offerings in the certificate programs in Film Studies and Critical Theory and the doctoral programs in Art History, Comparative Literature, and English. What is a course in film studies? A student taking a course in this area may learn about an array of topics associated with the film industry. Many courses focus on film theory and criticism, as well as the history behind the art of filmmaking.

Required Coursework. Film and Media Studies courses are offered by several departments. Choose Film Studies in the School of Arts and Sciences dropdown menu on the course descriptions page to view currently offered courses. The semester program at Prague Film School is a highlyintensive, handson course with a steep learning curve.

The objective of the program is to instruct concrete craft skills through substantial production and coursework. Film is one of the world's most popular storytelling mediums and is the subject of serious academic study at many different institutions. This field is an excellent way to learn more about film theory, history, and criticism.

Film is subject to academic study in a variety of different areas, including film history, criticism, and Coursework film study. Students often analyze the social, political, aesthetic, and narrative features of a particular work, as well as the general theories that underlie filmmaking as a whole. Request Information about Courses in Film Studies Core Courses Film StudiesArt History 205 History of Film: Development of an Art. This course is an introduction to film history covering the period.

The University of Pittsburgh is among the nation's most distinguished comprehensive universities, with a wide variety of highquality programs in both the arts and sciences and professional fields. Film and Cinema Studies Film Studies Degree Programs and Majors Overview; Film Studies Degree Programs and Majors Overview.

Some programs require prior film studies coursework or

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