Blek le rat art analysis essay

In 2014, Blek le Rat exhibited 3 largescale original paintings and an edition of 25 unique monotypes with lithography in a setting that bridges these traditional spacesthe Quin hotel in New York Cityas part of the hotel's Quin Arts program. The artist created the lithographs at the New York Academy of Art during his tenure as artist in Blek Le Rat, the founding father of stencil street art, contributes a brief essay on the meaning of culture. Analysis, Blek le rat. Xavier Prou AKA Blek le rat was one of the first graffiti artists in Paris and has been an inspiration to the British street artist commonly known as Banksy.

He is known as the father of stencil graffiti, beginning his work in 1981 spray painting black rat stencils on the streets of Paris. In the intense world of street art, Blek le Rat's work is a breath of fresh airironic considering he's stood at the forefront of the movement for over 30 years.

Xavier Prou a. k. a. Blek le Rat " Every time I think I've painted something slightly original, I find out that Blek Le Rat has done it as well. Only twenty years earlier. " Banksy, 2005Blek Le Rat (Xavier Prou) was born in Paris in 1951.

He is a grand master of street art, and considered by many to be the originator of stencil graffiti. Blek has been adorning the streets of Paris with his Blek le Rat (Xavier Prou, Paris, 1951) is considered the initiator of Stencil Art and one of the founders of the Urban Art movement.

His artistic [ Blek le Rat is known to many as the godfather of street art and to the French as its grandfather. But having honed his craft for more than 30 years, the spry 61yearold, whose real name is Xavier Browse the best of Blek le Rat, including his works& prints for sale, exclusive articles, and related artists.

Blek was one of the first true street artists. Originally known for stenciling a giant graphic image of a rat all over Paris, which to him symbolized both freedom and the dissemination of art through the city as if it were the

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