War on drugs essay contest rules

The war on drugs is probably the longest and the most brutal war America has ever been involved in. However, like in the war on terrorism, the government is losing its positions constantly due to the counterproductive strategies of the drug dealers.

The policies on the war drugs have always failed because for one fact, the United States government has thought that an increase in the number of drug prisoners is an indicator of success on this war. The War on Drugs is a term applied to a campaign on the prohibition of drugs of drug use, with the effort to reduced illegal drug trades. The current War on Drugs has affected our society physically and emotionally, and should end War on Drugs is an expression applied commonly to the campaign against illegal drugs by the U.

S. government. President Richard Nixon of U. S introduced the term in 1969. War on Drugs comprises of several drug policies, military aid and assistance, and assistance from participating countries. Essay History on the War on Drugs. 2010 History of the War on Drugs The war on drugs has been an ongoing fight that many presidents and foreign allegiances have tried to stop the trafficking, distribution and use of illegal drugs The War on Drugs Essay.

There are some that would argue that the war on drugs was blind justice. Others would say that the war on drugs is a war against the minority males. Then again, others would say the war on drugs is a war against women. Drug War Essay examples. The trade of illegal drugs is a multibillion dollar global business with most, if not a majority, of its focus located on the border cities of Mexico and the United States.

Drugfree essay and poster contests are held in schools and community centers to raise awareness about drugs and promote drugfree living among young people. 1. What are some arguments in support of the war on drugs? What are some arguments against it? Do you think this war is working? Why or why not? 2. Are tactics the authorities use proportional to all of the drug crimes?

Defend your answer. What are some ways, if any, the authorities could handle these situations differently? 3. After years of fighting a war against drugs and implementing strict policies and punishments; Illicit drugs are still easily obtained, the demand is still high worldwide, drug cartels are richer and more powerful, and the drug related violence is at its peak.

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