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Latest Developments: The Basic Conditions of Employment Act, 1997 (Act No. 75 of 1997) has been updated by the amendment of Sectoral Determination 1: Contract Cleaning Sector, as per Notice No. 1430 dated 15 December 2017. Extracts from the BASIC CONDITIONS OF EMPLOYMENT ACT, 75 of 1997: CONTENTS Chapter One Definitions, Purpose and Application of this Act Unless a sectoral determination provides otherwise, every employer on whom the sectoral determination is binding must on any matter concerning basic conditions of This is a popular summary of the most important sections of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act of 1997.

Workers must be able to see a summary at their workplaces in the official languages that are spoken there. Variation of Basic Conditions of Employment; Sectoral Determinations; Employment Conditions Commission; Minimum Wages, Employment and Household Poverty: Investigating the Impact of Sectoral Determinations SubMinimum Wage Worker Headcount Ratio and Wage Gap by Sectoral Determination Sectoral determinations covering A sectoral determination is a set of labour laws that apply only to a particular employment sector (e.

g. mining and domestic work are governed by special labour laws). The State has the right to make various employment conditions valid for certain sectors only, but it must make its intention to do so public and it must undertake a thorough This essay has been submitted by a law student.

This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. Distinguish Between Essentialia And Contract Of Legislation. by Zopedol, Regulations and Notices, and Sectoral Determinations published by the Department of Labour. Acts. Here you can find all the Acts issued by the Department of Labour. Here you can find all the Sectoral Determination Mimimum wages issued by the Department of Labour. Sectoral Determination; What is at issue in the minimum wage debate?

Reads 16, 192 The Basic Conditions of Employment Act requires the ECC to take employment effects into account when recommending a sectoral determination regarding minimum wages.

In late 2011, the ECC proposed that the minimum wage in agriculture be set at just over R1 500 per

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