Email vs snail mail resume

Don't Send That Resume! Email vs snail mail resume can write to your hiring manager by mail or post, or whatever people in your country call the thing where the guy brings you letters himself, with his actual body. In a job market where practically every job posting draws dozens (if not hundreds) of electronic applications, oldfashioned snail mail could be the new cutting edge.

My colleague Jen recently pointed out this online article about mailing paper resumes. Although I disagree with the premise that you should use crested, Snail Mail Resume. You may be wondering what is the best format to send your resume. I. e. do you send your CVResume via snail mail i. e. postal service or via email? What are the pros and cons of doing so? How do I avoid being filtered as spam! Even though most people apply for jobs online or via email, sometimes an employer will ask applicants to snail mail resumes and cover letters.

Other times, job applicants who really want to stand out from the crowd mail in their application materials to prospective employers to make sure their resumes and cover letters don't sit unread in a general Job interview thank you: Is it better to send a letter or email? But should your interview thank you come in the form of a typed email or handwritten letter?

Thats where things get a bit nebulous. you can send a letter by snail mail. A note of thanks sent via mail is an excellent way to make a positive impression days after the Now, all other things being equal, assuming my resume doesn't suck and I am applying for relevant jobs that I am qualified for, do you think it is a better idea to snail mail my resume and cover Either is fine, but most common and preferred, is your cover lettergreeting in the body of the email and the resume attached.

If possible, the best option is to create a. pdf of your resume to send as an attachment. As for email vs. snail mail, if they have an HR or contact email for applications, then absolutely send it there. If this is a mom& pop place or you feel they're not very technologically savvy, then that would be the only time I would send a snail mail (or fax) resume unless otherwise requested.

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