How to write great rap punchlines

Feb 27, 2007 Best Punchlines Ever! ! Discussion in 'HipHop Central' started by L7 LMV L7, Feb 23, 2007. 2 very good ones right there. " Rap now ain't nothing but a circus of clowns a whole lot of lip from cliques I probably rap circles around" What is a Punchline; The Process of writing a Punchline; 5 Blueprints for powerful rap punchlines; 1. What is a Punchline. A punchline is a one liner or a couplet, which has a bigger impact than the rest of your lyrics.

It carries more weight, it shows your style and its damn hard to think of one. Feb 18, 2018 How to Write Punchlines. Three Parts: Following Your Setup Writing Your Punchline Adding a Potential Topper Community Q& A. A punchline in a joke is the last part of your joke and delivers the biggest laugh.

It follows your set up and allows you to finish a joke with your own point of view and sense of humor. Good rap punchlines often times has a buildup. By this I mean that there are several lines before the punchline that are laying the ground work so that when the punchline hits the listener it connects with the lines before it which gives it extra weight for heavy impact. Theres no rule on how long a buildup has to be.

Well, since this site is apparently filled with good rappers, I figured I ask what is the best line youve ever came up with? Whether it be a punchline, inspiration, or a diss. getchorus start writing epic rap songs today home start here hip hop beats for sale blog about us how to write good rap punchlines posted by danny june 6 since all of you do an amazing job on decoding genius rap lyrics do any of you have good tips on writing rap lyrics i really need help im running out of wordplay write the first line of the rap

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