How to write a wine list

" The difference between a good wine list and a great wine list is focus. There should be a purpose to every wine on the list. The first thing that How can the answer be improved?

Your wine list is much easier to read by novices and connoisseurs alike if your wine list has an aim, a clear path to understanding the wines. You dont want to list wines by price and you dont want to list the wines willynilly (thats professional slang). Dear Dr. Vinny, I am typing up a wine list for a new restaurant.

Should I type it as follows: Pinot Noir, Macmurry, Russian River 2011 or 2011 Pinot Noir, Macmurry, Russian River? One of the most important classes I teach in my professional wine classes is on how to write a wine list. After a lecture (hopefully not too boring! ) on my Top Ten Tips for Wine Lists, I divide the class into teams, and set them free to construct a wine list featuring a dozen wines that I provide to t hem.

Writing the Modern Wine Menu W ine lists at Italian restaurants used to be simple affairs: some Chianti, a little Montelpuciano, perhaps a selection of Barolo and Barbarescothat is, if there was any Italian wine on the list at all. Wine List Templates Our wine list template collection is the place to find the perfect design for your wine selections.

Wine menus are subtly accented with wine graphics, forming borders, and decorating your wine list in the margins. Finally, we spend a good deal of time discussing how to write a wine list and market wine in a restaurant or other setting.

So for my final practical exam this semester, I came up with the idea of an exercise in writing a wine list. The point is this: Write the wines name in such a way that the reader will find it most useful for finding what they want. Circumstance dictates how this is done. Consider the restaurant wine list. When wines are listed under varietal categories, you have no need to even list the varietal. Matt: Wine List Organization. Organizing a wine list is actually trickier than it appears. We've all seen the bad ones: white wines organized into three categories of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and" Aromatic" Whiteswhich, yes, includes Muscadetor the list of Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, and" Other" Reds.

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