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Plain Text Resumes: How to Make Them a Little Less Ugly At some point in your job hunt, you'll probably be asked to submit a resume as plain text (aka, just text or ASCII text). When this happens, you'll have to convert your handsome, professionallooking resume into a barebones document with no formatting.

The plain text resume (or ASCII resume) is an online document constructed without formatting in plain text file format. A plain text resume is most often sent by email, but can also be sent by fax, postal mail, or courier. Plain text resumes are heading into the sunset, but you may be stuck with An ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) resume is a plain text electronic version suitable for pasting into online forms or email messages. Keep in mind that the success of your ASCII resume in the initial selection and ranking is often determined by the effective use of industry keywords and phrases; therefore, be sure Once they have the content of their resume prepared, job seekers must create an alternate, plaintext, internetready version of their resumes for those occasions when it is requested, and it Converting a Word document to ASCII text: Spell check your resume, and then resave your resume in your word processing program (e.

g. Word) before you move to the next step. Open a simple text editor like Notepad (on the PC). To do this, open the plain text version of your resume from within Word (rather than from within your plain text editor). Select the entire documents text and change the font to Courier, 12 pt.

Then click Page Layout in your toolbar, click on Margins, and select Custom Margins at the bottom of the pulldown menu. The ASCII resume should be copied and pasted right into the body of the email message.

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