Paper for resume what to use

5. Resume paper size: The rule for using a fixed resume size of paper is 8. 511. This is because scanners are developed with the abovementioned paper size of resume in mind, and filing units are also developed in the same manner. The envelopes are developed with this size of resume paper in mind. How can the answer be improved? The thicker the paper, the more the paper weighs in large quantities.

For example, most copiers use a light weight paper, such as a 20 lb. sheet. These sheets of paper are flimsy and are easily moved through a machine. For a resume, however, a slightly thicker weight paper is typically used, such as a 24 lb.

sheet. The specific type of paper I recommend using is Southworth Business Paper, 32lb, 100 Cotton, 8 12x11 and WHITE. Here's why: It's simply the best paper. It's thick and hearty enough to feel and look professional, but it's still easily used in most printers. The paper is clear and the texture makes the text legible. The content and layout of the resume is king, as opposed to color schemes and feel of the paper.

Make sure that the paper you use is a regular, white piece of paper with no perforations or too similar to computer paper, used in the late 1980's. Nov 01, 2001 1. Heavy rsum paper, elaborate design and other embellishments help job seekers stand out. For years, expensive rsum paper was required by any candidate wishing to be taken seriouslybut this point is now moot since human resources prefer electronic submissions.

Resume Paper# 7 White 100 Cotton (CV) Rating: To complete the comparison, we included Southworths CV paper since many countries outside of the U. S. use the CV format. The only real difference between the CV and Resume# 4 is the size of the paper.

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