Neurite outgrowth analysis essay

HCAVision: Automated Neurite Outgrowth Analysis DADONG WANG, 1 RYAN LAGERSTROM, 1 CHANGMING SUN, 1 LEANNE BISHOF, 1 PASCAL VALOTTON, 1 and MARJO GTTE2 Automating the analysis of neurons in culture represents a key aspect of the search for neuroactive compounds.

A number of Analysis was performed using four to six fields per well, six wells per treatment group comparing three different parameters of neurite outgrowth including neurite length per neuron, longest neurite per field, and percentage of total neurons bearing neurites. IncuCyte Neurite Analysis Assays enable automated, continuous analysis of neurite outgrowth and neural network stability all inside your cell culture incubator.

Quantify neurite length and branch points in your choice of neurons (e. g. primary, iPSCderived, immortalized neuronal cell lines) in monoculture or in coculture with astrocytes.

Neurite outgrowth in culture provides an easy way to determine the effects of a particular substrate or exogenous factor on neuron behavior. Dissociated neurons can be plated on a variety of substrates and the length of the longest neurite outgrowth can be compared. In Vitro Neurite Outgrowth Assays. Neurite Outgrowth Assays have been optimized and developed for characterization and quantification of neurite formation, composition, and behavior in response to chemical agents and growth conditions.

Neurite Outgrowth is a process wherein developing neurons produce new projections as they grow in response to guidance cues. Nerve growth factors, or neurotrophins, are one family of such stimuli that regulate neurite growth.

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