Play in early years essay

" play in early childhood development" " The most general examinations of play are embedded in the explorationplay literature. This research suggests that the pllay of preschoolers is followed by diverse exploration, or searching the environment for stimuli that are arousing. It was only in the early 1920s that play was linked directly to childrens development. The writings of such early educationists, as Froebel, the Macmillan sisters, Montessori, Steiner, and Susan and Nathan Isaacs, sowed the seeds for play being the basis for early childhood curricula.

EMYP 1 Context and principles for the early years provision Task 1 1. 1 Understanding the purposes and principles of the early years framework within the UK The current statutory curriculum for children aged 05 years, the early years foundation stage (EYFS) applies to children educated in outside establishments such as childminders, after It is the main way children express their impulse to explore, experiment and understand.

Children of all ages play (Dobson, 2004, p. 8). This essay will describe the defining features of play, demonstrate an understanding of the roles and functions of play in early years settings and also make reference to theoretical models. Active Play in the Early Years varies between ages.

It is essential for all children. The National Physical Activity Recommendations state that toddlers (13 years) and Early LearnersPre Schoolers (35 years) should be physically active every day for at least three hours which would be spread throughout the entire day. The Importance of Play in Early Childhood: How it helps a childs mental development Playing is such an enormous component in a childs life, and knowing that children want moments to participate in selfdriven play is of such importance to teachers, instructor, coaches, tutors, caregivers and parents.

This essay therefore explores the ongoing debate about which type of play is most appropriate for incorporating into early years learning. The debate involves two broadly opposing approaches to play, and these different approaches will be discussed in Essay: Education in the early years for children and outdoor play The early years of the childrens life are crucial for everyone to shape lifelong attitudes, values, patterns of behaviour and the basic skills for life.

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