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This is part of IEEE Spectrums Special Report: The Singularity. Computer scientist and sciencefiction writer Vernor Vinge sketched out a seminal modern singularity hypothesis 15 years ago in Vernor Steffen Vinge ( v r n r v n d i ( listen); born October 2, 1944) is an American science fiction author and retired professor.

He taught mathematics and computer science at San Diego State University. He is the originator of the technological singularity concept and perhaps the first to present a fictional" cyberspace".

He has It's fair to call this event a singularity (" the Singularity" for the purposes of this piece). It is a point where our old models must be discarded and a new reality rules, a point that will loom vaster and vaster over human affairs until the notion becomes a commonplace. But the postSingularity world does fit with the larger tradition of change and cooperation that started long ago (perhaps even before the rise of biological life). Run!

"Analog, March 1966, pp840. Reprinted in True Names and Other Dangers, Vernor Vinge, Baen Books, 1987. [30 Vinge, Vernor, " True Names"Binary Star Computer scientist Vernor Vinge said in his 1993 essay" The Coming Technological Singularity" that this would signal the end of the human era, as the new superintelligence would continue to upgrade itself and would advance technologically at an incomprehensible rate.

Author Vernor Vinge explores freedom, science fiction, and the singularity in his concerning essay on the fate of mankind. Vernor Vinge is a former San Diego State University math professor and a Hugo awardwinning science fiction novelist. Singularity Chat with Vernor Vinge and Ray Kurzweil June 13, 2002 by Vernor Vinge, Ray Kurzweil. Were chatting with science fiction writer Vernor Vinge, and author, innovator, and inventor Ray Kurzweil the founder of Kurzweil Technologies. Tonights topic is Singularity.

Many years later, this idea was picked up by another mathematician, the professor and science fiction writer Vernor Vinge, who added an additional twist. Vinge linked the singularity directly with

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