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Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher (OUR) Prize. for Best Honours Thesis (HT) in Political Theory or Asian Politics. Name Academic Year HT Title; Chang Xue Qi: National University of Singapore Faculty of Art& Social Sciences Department of Political Science AS1, # 0410, Honours Thesis (EC4401) Please note that the Honours Thesis is not compulsory.

As such, students who cannot meet the prerequisite to read the Honours Thesis or chose not to read the Honours Thesis could read the independent study module or other level4000 modules to accumulate the required MC for the Honours requirements. NM4401 Honours Thesis (15 MCs) is optional. The Honours ThesisProject is not compulsory for the Honours Degree. Students who do not read the Honours ThesisProject can read with the Independent Studies Module (ISM) or other level4000 modules in their respective majors.

SDE Honours thesis; CNM Honours thesis; Do note that NUS honours year thesis, academic exercises or final year projects cannot be brought out of the library.

Hello! This is my NUS Module Review for PL4401 Honours Thesis and PL4880G Positive Psychology modules for semester. HD forms for students intending to complete the Honours Dissertation over two semesters.

HD forms for students intending to complete the Honours Dissertation over one semester. IHDIHT forms For DDP students intending to complete the Integrated Honours DissertationThesis.

Apr 02, 2014 Should I write an honors thesis, PL4401? How do I do it? Is it difficult? I am a Psychology major at NUS, so what I say may not be 100 accurate for other majorsschools. In addition, this post was written in 2014, so if you're reading this much later, some policies may have changed. writing honours thesis. Reply Delete Jun 17, 2013  Nus Business School Honours Thesis. Honours Dissertation NUS BBA (HD) requirement will be offered in two tracks: a more research oriented track that will focus on theoretical and empirical research at nbsp; Curriculum NUS Older NUS Masters& Nus honours thesis Thesis& Dissertations as well as Honours year thesis might be available in print by searching the catalogue.

Please note, that not all NUS thesis& dissertations (including honours thesis) are available in the library. ProgrammeMajorSecond Major: A minimum 60 of ProgrammeMajorSecond Major credits must be earned from NUS modules which are defined as all modules taught, cotaught, supervised or cosupervised by one or more NUS faculty members.

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