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The Color Purple Alice Walker 1982 Introduction Although she is an accomplished writer of novels, short stories, essays, and poems, Alice Walker is best known for her awardwinning novel The Color Throughout The Color Purple, the author, Alice Walker, recognizes and acknowledges the role of strong female relationships, whether its between a country, or a family, or a friendship.

These relationships in The Color Purple often helped women build up the courage to tell their stories. Use examples from the text in which the setting is either inside or near a church. Compare scenes with churches to illustrate the theme of God in The Color Purple. Outline I. Thesis Statement: The church is used as a symbol for God in The Color Purple. The Color Purple won the American Book Award and the Pulitzer Prize in fiction in 1983.

Alice Walkers novel is unique in its preoccupation with spiritual survival and with exploring the oppressions, insanities, loyalties, and triumphs of black women. Essay Topics for the Color Purple: How to Order the Color Purple Critical Essay Paper. Well, you can get the color purple critical essay paper from us. All that you need to do is to fill in the order form, and give us detailed information about your essay topics for the color purple, for us to help you with your paper.

In Alice Walkers The Color Purple, Celie leads a life filled with abuse at the hands of the most important men in her life. As result of the women who surround and help her, Celie becomes stronger and overcomes the abuse she experienced. Rape, incest, sex, forced labor, and a little reefer on the side.

These are all of the components of a Novel by Alice Walker. All of these views are illustrated proficiently in Alice Walkers third novel, The Color Purple. Each one of these aspects had a lasting impression upon the ideals and notions of the time.

The Color Purple is an epistolary novel by Alice Walker. The Color Purple literature essays are academic essays for citation. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical a critical analysis of the novel the color purple" The Color Purple" is regarded as Walker 's most successful and critically acclaimed work. It primarily talks about the story of Celie, a poor, barely literate Southern black woman who struggles to escape the brutality of her treatment by men.

A.2004, p. 44) Shugs critical manner of speaking and life experiences she has had, gives the impression that she is quite cynical. Shug is actually a warm Color purple critical essay caring person. This becomes clear when she falls ill and Celie takes care of her.

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