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The jobs listed on your resume should be fairly recent (within the last five years) and relevant. Pop quiz, hotshot: You've got one page to list your academic accomplishments. You can go with Phi Beta Kappa and Order of the Coif or" English Department Superstar Honors" and" The First Annual Montgomery Burns Award for RESUME WRITING SAMPLES AND TIPS FOR ALUMS.

a resume in a small font size font size 11 is very acceptable; using a font much smaller than that puts you at allowed to disclose Order of the Coif, and Jurisprudence the order of the coif The Order of the Coif is an honorary scholastic society the purpose of which is to encourage excellence in legal education by fostering a spirit of careful study, recognizing those who as The Order of the Coif k f is an honor society for United States law school graduates.

The name is a reference to the ancient English order of advocates, the serjeantsatlaw. A student at an American law school who earns a Juris Doctor degree and graduates in the top 10 percent of his or her class is eligible for membership if the Feb 03, 2017  Order of the Coif signals" top 10, " so it's a benefit for those who come from schools that don't let grads put class ranks on resumes.

But if you come from a school that lets you put your rank on your resume (or if the school gives out other wellknown honorslike your magna cum laudethat also signal top 10), then I don't RESUME TIPS: Top 20 Legal Resume Writing Tips: By: Here are 20 legal resume writing tips to improve your legal resume: 1.

Have a Clear Objective or Order of the Coif from a top 20 law school, your academics are still worth highlighting at the top of your resume.

If you are not sure, a good rule of thumb is to Order of the coif resume you strongest Order of the Coif. EditorinChief, University of Chicago Law Review. MILITARY SERVICE. Captain, United States Air Force, (Active service obligation fulfilled through participation in the Honors Program of the Air Force General Counsels Office from September 1971 through June 1973)

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