Grub cmdline linux default no resume

splash" GRUBCMDLINELINUX" " so I tried adding within the empty quotes (advice from someone helping a guy with a similar problem), but to no avail. Open up etcdefaultgrub with root privledges and add Where XY is the swap partition location, which can be found by sudo fdisk l. It looks like Aug 22, 2016  I see in other examples, this entry in grub: quiet splash Mine looks like this: (and I have it sudoedit etcdefaultgrub.

Add" nouveau. modeset0" to the line that says GRUBCMDLINELINUX then press O to save the file and X to live then run. sudo updategrub. Jun 04, 2014 etcdefaultgrub Add the parameter splash Save the file and close pluma Save your work (open files) and reboot Jan 29, 2017  I believe I would need to add something like this resumedevsdb2 in grub?

ERROR: resume: no device specified for hibernation devsdb2: Cannot resume from hibernate using systemd under Ubuntu15. 10 [closed Ask Question. As a clue, if I set nomodeset in grub, line resume works consistently well, though the native graphics hardware is clearly disabled (Haswell HD Mobile 4400).

Feb 01, 2014 I suspend from the menu (or via pmsuspend) and everything suspends fine. Here is my pmsuspend. log: Feb 02, 2018 Nouveau is blacklisted in etcmodprobe. d and the only other thing I can think of is quiet vga0" might be problematic but I doubt it. Alright, thank you for checking.

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