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Nine Phrases You Should Never Put on Your Resume By Charles Purdy, Monster Senior Editor Since most recruiters and hiring managers receive far more resumes than they have time to review carefully, theyre forced to find shortcuts that will allow them to quickly sort resumes into" yes, " " maybe" and" no" piles.

Resume Samples: It's always helpful to review sample resumes to get ideas for your resume and to see what a properly formatted resume should look like. Here are sample resumes for a variety of occupations, types of jobs, levels of jobs, and resume formats to review to get ideas for your own resume.

Once upon a time, not so long ago, it was second nature to automatically include your date of birth on your CV or resume. It was also probably the second or third question asked by a recruiter in the early conversations about yourself.

This, of course, was in the days before legislation was introduced to stop ageism. Sep 04, 2008 You don't have to put anything on a resume but if you want it reviewed it is probably a good idea to be honest and put on the elements that are likely to be important to the reviewer. Agebirthday is likely to be important. One reason for this is that most states have labor laws that severely restrict employment of juveniles.

25 Things You Should Never Include on a Resume Updated: May 18, 2009 Applying for a new job comes with its fair share of rejections, setbacks, frustrations and perhaps even lonely periods of unemployment.

People take birthday parties seriously, so your birthday party host resume should show the same dedication and precision youd use to plan the special day. Assert your excellent organization, communication, and customer service skills in your summary statement and your skills section.

If youre short on time but big on your need for a quality resume, check out our top 20 resume writing mistakes, along with hints for just how to avoid them. Unclear Objective Statement An objective statement is an optional addition to any resume or application. While it can be helpful for LinkedIn contacts to know when to send you a birthday wish, you do not need to include any personal information, such as your age or birthday, on your resume.

There is generally no reason to include a birthday on a resume. So there is no need to include an age. It is extremely rare that an employer would care about how old you are unless you are applying for, say, a part in a TV show set in a high school. Need help creating an unforgettable resume? Build your own standout document with this professional Birthday Party Host resume sample.

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