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3 Ways to Make Sure Your Resume Bullet Points Will Impress Recruiters. by. Lily Zhang. Theres a lot of advice out there about your resume: Keep it to one page, change your duties to accomplishments, and tailor it to the job youre applying forjust to name a few. But none of it really goes into what the meat of your resume should be. Once you have created a resume with bullets, you can change the bullet points when you submit your resume to each new job.

It is a quick and easy way to create a unique resume for each job application. There is an exception to putting periods after bullet points that complete the stem sentence: If they are one word or a short phrase that feels like an inventory or shopping list, do not use end punctuation.

Resumes How to Avoid Common Resume Mistakes The Chicago Manual of Style contains well over 300 pages on grammatical and punctuation issues alone. If you are especially grammatically challenged, ask someone more comfortable in this area to proofread your resume for you. with the exception of information provided in a bullet Bulleted Lists: Capitalization and Punctuation By Judy Vorfeld Did you know that before the introduction of word processing (via word processors and computers), most publications displayed lists in either outline form or numbered lists.

Punctuation; apostrophe ' because the list items are not arranged in numerical order (as they would be in a numbered list). Usually bullet points are used to list things. Usage. Bullets are most often used in technical writing, reference works, notes, and presentations. Example: Where are bullets most often used? The functional resume format allows jobseekers to shine a light on their skills and career highlights.

This is a good option for those who dont have a lot of past work experience. Home Punctuation Bullet points. 1. The text introducing the list of bullet points should end with a colon.

2. If the text that follows the bullet point is not a proper sentence, it doesnt need to begin with a capital letter, nor end with a period. For example:

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