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A US Congressional Commission held a hearing in July 2016 on the human rights situation in India, coinciding with Modis visit to Washington. The hearing spotlighted issues of violence against Human rights in India: It is the duty of every nation to create such laws and conditions that protect the basic Human rights of its citizens. India being a democratic country provides such rights to its citizens and allows them certain rights including the This is a sample essay on Human Rights in India for school and college students With freedom movement the world over after World War II the end of colonization also ended the policy of apartheid and thereby the most aggressive violation of human rights Related Articles: Essay on the Draft Declaration of Human Rights [ According to the Human Rights Act of 1993 only the present or some former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court can hold the post of chairperson of the National Human Rights Commission.

The NHRC protects the fundamental rights enshrined on the constitution or include in treatise to which India is a party. In India the idea of human rights is not a contribution of western countries.

These rights are a common heritage of glorious past. Of course, the enjoyment of these rights was not open to all segments of the society. There was no uniform application of these freedoms as the society was a caste Human rights in India India is the democratic country that provide such a rights that can be installed by every person that is freedom of expression and many more like that every person of the country can live freely.

National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) in India: In pursuance of the protection of the Human Rights Act, 1993, Indias first National Human Rights Commission was constituted on 29 September 1993, with Honble Shri Ranganath Misra, the Ex. Chief Justice of India as its first Chairperson. Human Rights in India: Human rights in India require the existence and protection of a wellregulated society.

Only the society and the state can guarantee these human rights to the individual. Only the society and the state can India is made great efforts towards developing human rights after getting rid of colonial rule which had throughout perpetrated blatant violations of human rights of the natives. The status of women and depressed classes has visibly improved with respect to education employment opportunities and many other social and economic rights.

Essay on importance of Human rights in India. It is said that a man is born free but everywhere he is in chains. This statement

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