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Apr 10, 2010  A particularly effective way to deploy the specifics of a want ad or Internet job posting to your advantage is to use a twocolumn coverletter format in which you quote in the lefthand column specific qualifications that come right from the employers want ad and in the righthand column, your attributes that meet those If you're one of those jobseekers who learn best by looking at examples, then take a look at a free sample twocolumn jobsearch cover letter.

TwoColumn Cover Letters Work Best in Targeting Jobs Where Writing, Communications Skills Take a Back Seat BUILD MY RESUME Continuing our series excerpted from our new, free white paper, Cover Letter Reboot: A Crowdsourced Update of Traditional Coverletter Advice for Todays Job Search, which you can download A twocolumn cover letter format is one which uses two columns to highlight an overview of an applicants skills and career experience.

It is a slight vari Some hiring managers have jampacked schedules, and screening applicants and conducting interviews might comprise only a short portion of their business day. You can use the twocolumn format to make your cover letter more interesting and hopefully gain the attention of the reviewer.

Sharon Armstrong, author of The idea of the twocolumn cover letter is not new but it is not a format that is commonly used. A traditional cover letter seems to be the format of choice for job seekers. The reason I like the twocolumn cover letter is simple its different. Sample TwoColumn Cover Letter Note: This letter does a great job of highlighting the match between the employer's requirements and her skills and accomplishments.

The twocolumn method is an attractive way of showcasing the match. Sample Cover

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